Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Miel-y Goodness

I love LOVE love the newest addition to the Miel closet!  The new dandy dress and boots would have to be one of the cutest outfits I have seen for a long time.  There is a fair bit of prim editing required to get it fit, or at least there was for me, so I would say it's not an outfit for the prim uninitiated, but if you don't mind spending a little bit of time fiddling, you too can have this cuteness all to your very self.

I'm wearing the plum version but the whole outfit is available in a variety of colours that you can mix and match to your liking, that and the dandy puff (not shown) makes a gorgeous finishing touch to the whole outfit.

Also, I have to point out, Miel shoes are probably one of the best steals in SL of late and I don't think I am ever going to take these boots off!  Available in 5 colours all for the price of one and you can mix and match the leather, trim and sole colours to your hearts content!  Definitely a bargain for just over $400L.

If flowers, ribbons and cuteness are your thing, please go and pay Miel a visit, you won't be sorry you did!

Yumminess by:

Shirt: Miel - Dandy Shirt
Skirt: Miel - Dany Skirt
Boots: Miel - Dandy Boots Flor
Hair: Fri.day - Tatum 2


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