Friday, April 29, 2011

Like angel dust and fairy breath

I'm sure by now you all know Culture Shock is just around the corner, so here is yet another little teaser of some of the fabulousness on offer.  Don't forget, Culture Shock opens to the public on the 1st of May.

Credits (Culture Shock items are noted in bold):

Skin: ::DT:: / Dutch Touch - Megan Basic CL1 in Cream by Iki Ikarus
Shirt: [Croire] / Croire - Part of Snakeskin Swimsuit by Emily Kaestner (Available at Culture Shock)
Corset: :::Sn@tch::: / Snatch - Patrona Corset by Ivey Deschanel (Available at Culture Shock)
Skirt: Vero Modero / Vero Modero - Blossom Skirt China Rose by Bouquet Babii (Available at Culture Shock)
Shoes: NX-Nardcotix / Nardcotix - Mana Edith by Nardya Rousselot
Hair: [e] / Elikatira - Paper by Elikapeka Tiramisu
Eyeshadow: ::DT:: / Dutch Touch - Eyemakeup Serie 1 - NC1 by Iki Ikarus
Necklace: Bliensen + MaiTai - Grimm's Necklace - Beware of Apples by Plurabelle Laszlo (Available at Culture Shock)
Bracelet: N-Creations / N-Creations - Autumn Stone Bracelet Part 2 by Nico200 Planer
Pose: Di's Opera / Di's Opera - Silent Line 3 - 6 by Di Hoorenbeek

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Such a pretty jar of hearts it was too

What can I say Culture Shock has me feeling inspired, so i'm back for a second round!

When an aussie tells you something was a bit of a culture shock, they usually mean it was a bit out of their comfort zone.  So here's to being out of my comfort zone... look .... boobies!

I can't wait for you all to see the amazing stuff at Culture Shock, remember it opens on the 1st May (yes, write that down)!

Credits (Culture Shock Items are noted in bold):

Skin: [PF] / Pink Fuel - Elly Candied by Mochi Milena (Available at Culture Shock)
Tattoo: [-iPoke-] / iPoke - Biography Tattoo by Steele Branner (Available at Culture Shock)
Pants: [Croire] / Croire - Part of Snakeskin Swimsuit by Emily Kaestner (Available at Culture Shock)
Hair: [e] / Elikatira - Rush by Elikapeka Tiramisu
Pose & Prop: aDORKable Poses / Adorkable Poses  - Jar of Hearts by Adorable Peapod (Available at Culture Shock)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

These cold bones will beat their drums

Over 100 designers all with new stuffs, it's like all my Christmases have come at once.   Culture Shock will open to the public on 1st May, til then here is just a tiny sneak speak. 

ps.  Can't even begin to tell you how much I love this dress from So Many Styles

Credits (Culture Shock Items are marked in Bold):

Skin: -Glam Affair- / Glam Affair - Sakura 02 in Natural by Aida Ewing (Available at Culture Shock)
Dress: {SMS} / So Many Styles - Floral Dress by Irie Campese (Available at Culture Shock)
Jacket: [NSD] / Naith Smit Designs - Laine Cardigan by Naith Smit
Belt: LG Femme / LaGyo - Knot Belt Iron by Gyorgyna Larnia (Available at Culture Shock)
Tights: .:Vive9:. / Vive 9 - Dot-ed After Tights by Sanya Bilavio
Bra: {Mon Tissu} / Mon Tissu - Floral Lingerie by Anouk Spot
Bangle: +:+WTG+:+ / WTG - Lotus Bangle by Tosy Xue (Available at Culture Shock)
Boots: MStyle / MStyle - Alah Wedges by Mikee Mokeev
Hair: Maitreya / Maitreya - Jordan by Onyx LeShelle
Pose: <> / Mannequin - Model Set 2-2 (Available at Culture Shock)

Shoes to fill, secrets to spill

Anyone who reads Demi's blog Demina Fashion will already know that she is as cute as a button, fortunately for us though the clothing line she is now selling through Boom is almost as adorable as she is!   This denim romper is her latest release and it is just darling.  Also, for anyone who missed it, new Maitreya Hair has hit the town (be sure to check the NEW colour packs before purchase).


Skin: ::Curio:: / Curio - Petal Frex [Light] Lustre - Pure 1 by Gala Phoenix
Romper: *Boom* / Boom - Denim Romper by Ophelia Demina
Undershirt: Kyoot / Kyoot - Sailor Song by Saeya Nyanda
Jacket: *Boom* / Boom - Mini Shrug by Ophelia Demina
Belt: (TokiD) / TokiDoki - Ribbon Belt by Maya Levane
Socks: *Boom* / Boom - Tube Socks by Aranel Ah
Shoes: [e] / Elikatira - Millside Flats by Elikapeka Tiramisu
Necklace: Undefined Lilies / Undefined Lilies - Teensy Clutter by Liliana Barrs
Hair: Maitreya / Maitreya - Lara II by Onyx LeShelle
Pose: .synt / Synt - Needy Re-Examining by Tart Quandry

Monday, April 25, 2011

Last days of summer

It has been unseasonably warm here the last few days, so I felt like running through some meadows celebrating the last glimmer of summer.

When the days are warm but the afternoon bring in a subtle chill, I am a happy happy girl.  Farewell sweet summer, I'll miss you.


Skin: [:T:] / Tuli - Sara01 in Fair by Tuli Asturias
Shirt: Grixdale / Grixdale - My Vintage Frock by Tyr Rozenblum
Jeans: {Mon Tissu} / Mon Tissu - 1929 Cigarette Denim by Elie Spot
Scarf: {Mon Tissu} / Mon Tissu - Infinity Scarf by Anouk Spot
Boots: [SC] / Surf Co. - Olea Boots by Emma Gilmour
Hair: [e] / Elikatira - Theory by Elikapeka Tiramisu
Necklace: Miel / Miel - Echo Necklace by Mika Nieuport
Bracelet: Miel / Miel - Lun Bracelet by Mika Nieuport
Belt: [SC] / Surf Co. - Brass Rings Belt by Emma Gilmour
Poses: Last Days of Summer by me and Glitterati - The Fence by Katey Coppola
Location: Eternidad

Friday, April 22, 2011

Tell me, did you think we'd all dream the same?

Chic Limited is back with another round of goodness for your shopping pleasure.  If i read the notecard right, I believe this is the final round of Chic Limited and if that is the case, I will be sad to see this event go, it has became a monthly staple for me.  Anyway, the theme this time around is cherry blossom and Blue Sky has released this uber cute little trailer for the event.

The lounge, the table and chairs, the floor lamp and the wall painting are all included with the trailer.  It is also decked out with some pretty funky lights in the roof that you can turn on and off.  I have them off in these photos, but if you are feeling your inner disco or just love pink you can turn them on with a click to create an entirely new ambiance.  Coming in at 161 prims (including all the furniture you get with it) this cute little trailer would fit on just about any parcel and will definitely assist you in staying within your prim limit as KittyCats overrun your land (oh wait, you mean that is only happening to me?).

Chic Limited is open now and will run through until the 30th of April.


Trailer: [-Blue Sky-] / Blue Sky - Trailer Roulotte (includes lounge, table and chairs, floor lamp and wall print) (Available from Chic Limited)

Credits for items not included with the trailer:

Skydome: ::AB:: / Awesome Blossom - Part of Bohemian Hideaway Skybox by Clementine Ishtari
Grass: %Napoliy% / Napoliy - Meadow Grass by Tetuma Kawashima
Flowers: [Organica] / Organica - Tulips in Sorbet by Aki Shichiroji
Tress: Botanical / Botanical - Various types all available from Botanical by Kriss Lehmann
Inflatable Pool: [mdrm] / mdrm - 8 Style Furniture by Nannao2 Ellils
Deer: AAA Scuplty Creations / AAA Scuplty Creations - 2010 Deer Grazing by Jon Haskell
Letterbox: ::AB:: / Awesome Blossom - The Pemberly Mailbox by Clementine Ishtari
Bench: LISP / Lisp - Spring Bench by Pandora Popstar (Spring Seasons Hunt Gift)
Flags: %Napoliy% / Napoliy - Pennant Strings by Tetuma Kawashima
Easel with print: Mortanique / Morantique - Painting Easel by Mo Miasma
Wall Mirror: The Loft / The Loft - Kerve Mirror by Colleen Desmoulins
Food Tray: LISP / Lisp - Part of the Poofs in a Box - Hoof & Tooth Set by Pandora Popstar
Side table: MudHoney / MudHoney - Telling Time End Table by Rayvn Hynes
Wall Lights: Scribble / Scribble - Star Lights by Radio Signals

Sunday, April 17, 2011

In my heart of hearts, you know it's true

So I've been bugging the lovely Seraphix Rehula of Of Cats and Dogs since Pose Fair to come and do a blog post with me, this post is living proof that you can nag people into submission!  Ok not really, she is just a sweetheart and our timezones finally clicked so she agreed to come play dress ups with me.  Speaking of dress ups, have ya heard Mon Tissu are back with their next release?  Seriously these extremely talented ladies continue to impress me with every new release!

And on a personal note, a big thanks to Sera for hanging out with me and being as patient as she was while i continued to chop and changing everything from shoes to WL settings <3

Credits for Madison (Right)

Skin: [:T:] / Tuli - Sara in Fair by Tuli Asturias
Shirt: {Mon Tissu} / Mon Tissu - Patterns of Spring Top by Elie Spot
Shorts: {Mon Tissu} / Mon Tissu - Greta Shorts by Anouk Spot
Shoes: {Mon Tissu} / Mon Tissu - Cottage Flats by Elie Spot
Necklace: (TokiD) / TokiDoki - Droopy Necklace in Earth by Maya Levane
Hair: [e] / Elikatira - Theory by Elikapeka Tiramisu
Pose: Glitterati / Glitterati - She's a Skank by Katey Coppola

For details on Sera's outfit please visit her super cute blog Of Cats and Dogs !

You know my heart sings when you're here

Of late my house has been overrun by KittyCats, to the point that furniture was actually becoming a non essential in the search for more prims but new Nordari goodness changed all that.  The crazy cat women is taking a rest (for a few days at least).   Credits and larger images below.

House: Nordari / Nordari - Rain In East Europe by Jordan Giant
Grass: *AG* / Alirium Gardens - Cotton Grass by Air Flow
Trees: Botanical / Botanical - Several Varieties all by Kriss Lehmann
Deck & Furniture Setting: ::AB:: / Awesome Blossom - Cape Cod Dock Set by Clementine Ishtari
Mailbox: ::AB:: / Awesome Blossom - Love Shack Mailbox by Clementine Ishtari
Lantern: LISP / Lisp - Lullaby Wall Lantern by Pandora Popstar

Rugs: Nordari / Nordari - Ruggies by Jordan Giant
Book Pile: ::AB:: Awesome Blossom - Old Book Stack by Clementine Ishtari
Dresser: ::AB:: / Awesome Blossom - Garden Dresser by Clementine Ishtari
Chair: Y's House / Y's House - Round Chair 01 by Yacchan Clip
Turntable: [North West] / North West - Wyman Turntable by Lil Brink
Vase: [North West] / North West - Vase With Tulips by Lil Brink
Records: dfo! / Don't Freak Out - Jenny Owen Youngs - Fuck Was I by Willa Whybrow
Swing: LISP / Lisp - Sparrow Swing by Pandora Popstar
Painting: Poetry Garden / Poetry Garden - Letter From The Past by Ayumi Jameson (no longer available)

Chandelier: Kyoot / Kyoot - Notes Chandelier by Saeya Nyanda
Lantern: / Friday - Rustic Lantern by Noa Monday
Teacup Set: LISP / Lisp - Masala Chi Lamp by Pandora Popstar
Snow Globe: !Ohmai / Ohmai - Pigmai Snowglobe V2 by Anya Ohmai (Available at ProjectFur)

Curtains: Nordari / Nordari - Light Catcher by Jordan Giant
Blank Canvas: [Aria] / Aria - Cleo Canvas Pile by Yelo Uriza
Stool: Y's House / Y's House - Cafe Stool by Yacchan Clip
Easel: Baffle! / Baffle - The Artist - Easel by Samantha Smadga
Pot Plant: BP* / Bettie Page - Uekibati / Oil Painting Brush by BettiePage Voyager
Dresser: Elefantu / Elefantu - Come Clean Dresser by Gin Galtier
Large Stool: [*Art Dummy*] / Art Dummy - Raindrops Chair by Gala Charron (part of the Professor Lisp Hunt)
Painting: Carthalis Rossini / Carthalis Rossini - Withered By Time (collection currently being shown at 13 Gallery
Standing Candle: [*Art Dummy*] / Art Dummy - Standing Candle by Gala Charron

Bed: [*Art Dummy*] / Art Dummy - Remnants Bed by Gala Charron
Chandelier: Kyoot / Kyoot - Light Bulb Chandelier by Saeya Nyanda
Books: {Theosophy} / Theosophy - Hardcover Book Stack by Trace Osterham
Whale: The Loft / The Loft - Moby Vase by Colleen Desmoulins
Pouf: LISP / Lisp - Poof In A Box - Hoof & Tooth by Pandora Popstar
Shoes: [*Art Dummy*] / Art Dummy - Ruby Red Walking Shoes by Gala Charron
Photo Tree: Kyoot / Kyoot - Silhouette Photo Tree by Saeya Nyanda
Painting: ::AB:: / Awesome Blossom - Flower Shop Bicycle Print by Clementine Ishtari
Sitting Candle: [*Art Dummy*] / Art Dummy - Seated Candle by Gala Charron

Items shown in top collated image only:

Wall hanging: [North West] / North West - Jumble of Things and Antique Frames by Lil Brink
Radiator: ::AB:: / Awesome Blossom - Boho Radiator by Clementine Ishtari
Rabbit Seat Set: LISP / Lisp - I'm Late by Pandora Popstar

Total Prim Count: 698

Friday, April 15, 2011

Well may I have this dance of days

Ohai remember me?  Probably not...anywho new sunglasses are exclusive to The Fashion Garret this round and I'm still loving my Reek boots.  Oh, this hair from Mach is amazing too, I really love it and it's freeeee if you join the group (or at least it was a couple of weeks of ago - ya may need to check).


Skin: ::Curio:: / Curio - Pout -Wine 1 in Acorn by Gala Phoenix
Hair: =Mach= / Mach - Opening Group Gift by Chloe Dakun
Shirt: Gawk! / Gawk - White High Waist Suit by Mell McMahon (Previous Pure Juice Item, not sure if still available)
Jumper: *Crazy* / Crazy - Strike Sweater by Ioan Jogiches
Jeans: [Atomic] / Atomic - Ripped Skinny  Jeans by Ivy Graves
Shoes: Reek / Reek - Boston Boots by Riq Graves
Necklace: .-HoD-. / Haus of Darcy - The Path To Forgiveness by Aydan Darcy
Ring: (NSD) / Naith Smit Designs - Blood Diamonds Ring
Sunglasses: ::TFG:: / The Fashion Garret - Gold Sunglasses by Cattiva Vita
Earrings: Erratic / Erratic - Hoop Earrings by Erratic Rain
Pose: dfo! / Don't Freak Out - You're Late from Come Along by Willa Whybrow
Location: 19 Motorcycle

Sunday, April 3, 2011

ProjectFur Japan

When a natural disaster, such as the one in Japan, strikes we hear many stories of heartbreak, some of courage and a few of hope.  But animals are often untold victims of disaster.  Coming from Australia, the land of drought, fire and flood, I know all too well what a toll any kind of natural disaster can take on both human and animal life.  ProjectFur is the brain child of Blazin Aubert and Tristan Careless to raise funds for the animals that have been injured, stranded and left for dead due to the recent events in Japan.  Many designers have come together (including the grid famous KittyCats) donating hundreds of items for your shopping pleasure with all proceeds going to charity.  Many items at the event are exclusive, so get in and get em while you can!  Below is just a smattering of what is available

ProjectFur Japan is open NOW.  


First Picture:

Skin: ::Curio:: / Curio - Pout PFJ Exclusive in Petal by Gala Phoenix  (ProjectFur Exclusive)
Shirt: {SMS} / So Many Styles - Mint Lace T-Shirt by Irie Campese (Available at ProjectFur)
Jeans: *L.Inc* / Luck Inc - Tyra Jeans by CK Winx
Shoes: [e] / Elikatira - Millside Flats by Elikapeka Tiramisu
Hair: Magika / Magika - Sophie Coontail Edition by Sabina Gully  (ProjectFur Exclusive)
Pose & Basket: Mood Swings / Mood Swings - No Cat Naps For Me by Veridian Frog
KittyCats: Kibo & Yuki (Hope & Courage)  (ProjectFur Exclusive) (Pls note Courage is available from the KittyCats Store only)

Second Picture (L - R)

Skin: ::Curio:: / Curio - Pout PFJ Exclusive in Petal by Gala Phoenix (ProjectFur Exclusive)
Shirt: [Cynful] / Cynful - Sushlee Halter Top by Cynthia Ultsch (Available at ProjectFur)
Pants: [Cynful] / Cynful - Modest Skinny Jean by Cynthia Ultsch (Available at ProjectFur)
Hair: >Truth< / Truth - Babydoll by Truth Hawkes (Available at ProjectFur)
Necklace: .:*Loulou&co*:. / Loulou & Co - Ling Ling Necklace by Lolly Carlberg (Available at ProjectFur)
Mouthpiece: .:*Loulou&co*:. / Loulou & Co - Ling Ling Mouthchain by Lolly Carlberg (Available at ProjectFur)
Shoes: UBU / Urban Bomb Unit - PornStar Lo-Tops by Coke Dreadlow
Pose: Glitterati / Glitterati - Model Pack 20 by Katey Coppola (Available at Pose Fair)

Skin: LAQ / LAQ - Maria in Peach by Mallory Cowen (Available at ProjectFur)
Dress: (Elate!) / Elate - Brooke by Kellie Iwish (Available at ProjectFur)
Hair: [e] / Elikatira - Breathe by Elikapeka Tiramisu
Necklace: ~Sigma~ Jewels / Sigma - Admira Necklace by Sofi Trenkins (Available at ProjectFur)
Shoes: [e] / Elikatira - Move Pumps by Elikapeka Tiramisu
Pose: [Atomic] / Atomic - Soggy Bones by Ivy Graves (Available at Pose Fair)

Skin: ::Curio:: / Curio - Pout PFJ Exclusive in Petal by Gala Phoenix (ProjectFur Exclusive)
Top: -[AddiCt]- / Addict - Part of Speranza Swimsuit by Kiana Noel (Available at ProjectFur)
Jeans: ** / Luck Inc - Tyra Fur Japan Skinny Jeans  by CK Winx (ProjectFur Exclusive)
Shoes: [e] / Elikatira - Millside Flats by Elikapeak Tiramisu
Hair: Magika / Magika - Sophie Coontail Edition by Sabina Gully (ProjectFur Exclusive)
Pose: dfo! / Dont Freak Out - Penelope by Willa Whybrow (Available at Pose Fair)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Pose Fair 2011 Part 2

Pose Fair opens at 12pm TODAY!  Are you ready?


Pose Credits:

First Picture: (PDA) - Work 2 & Rest 1 by Izzy Bereznyak
Second Picture: Grixdale - StarStruck, Mixtape & Sinatra by Tyr Rozenblum
Third Picture: Miamai - Picture Perfect by Mavi Beck, dfo! - Come Along by Willa Whybrow, TeaSoup - West Coast Gal by Tea Soup

Credits for the rest:

First Picture

Skin: ~Mynerva~ / Mynerva - Kianna by Rhapzody Wilde
Shirts: Kyoot / Kyoot - Self Evident Tank & Soft Confessional Top by Saeya Nyanda
Jeans: {Mon Tissu} / Mon Tissu - Lou Lou Denim by Anouk Spot
Shoes: {Mon Tissu} / Mon Tissu - Montsegur Pumps by Elie Spot
Hair: [LeLutka] / LeLutka - Rain by Thora Charron

Second Picture

Skin: -tb- / Tres Blah - Blessa Boho by Juliette Westerburg (Available at the Tableau Spring Festival)
Hair: [e] / Elikatira - Late by Elikapeka Tiramisu
Dress: -tb- / Tres Blah - Mexica Peasant Dress by Juliette Westerburg (Available at the Tableau Spring Festival)
Boots: (TokiD) / Toki Doki - Boho Boots by Maya Levane
Necklace: -tb- / Tres Blah - Beaded Necklace by Juliette Westerburg (Available at the Tableau Spring Festival)
Bracelets: -tb- / Tres Blah - Viva La Bracelets by Juliette Westerburg (Available at the Tableau Spring Festival)

Third Picture

Skin: [Atomic] / Atomic - Audri Daydream in Honey by Ivy Graves (Currently on Sale for 50% off)
Hair: !Lamb / Lamb - Cinnamon by Lamb Bellic
Shirt: [CheerNo Femme] / CheerNo - Noco Top by Kira Ahn
Pants: -[AddiCt]- / Addict - Gangsta Leggings by Kiana Noel
Boots: Bax Coen / Bax Coen - Bax Prestige Boots by Bax Coen
Sunglasses: *Blizted* / Blitzed - Police SG Sunglasses by Eko Merlin (previous Platnium Hunt Item, may not be available)
Necklace: *SiSSi* / Sissi - Fur Limited Necklace by Sissi String (ProjectFUR Item, opening soon!)
Bracelet: Dark Mouse / Dark Mouse - Black & White Bracelet by Mouse Mimistrobell

Friday, April 1, 2011

Pose Fair 2011 Part 1

I have an unhealthy addiction to poses, i'll admit it, so letting me loose at Pose Fair was a D A N G E R O U S idea.  As a result my managery of KittyCats are feeling neglected, my SL friends have been wondering why I have been more antisocial than usual and my $L have headed in sharp downward trend that would alarm even the most avid shopper BUT I am one happy little pose junkie. 

I could ramble about the kick ass stuff that is available but lets face it, you don't wanna listen to me, you just wanna see the goodies, so on with the show!

Pose Fair Opens to the public on 1st April at 12pm SLT


Poses: [Atomic] / Atomic - Kawaii Girl, Soggy Bones & Because I'm Cute by Ivy Graves

Skin: -tb- / Tres Blah - Blessa Clean in Light by Julliette Westerburg
Shirt: Berries Inc. / Berries Inc - Tweee Top by Summse Sands
Jeans: Luck Inc / Luck Inc - Tyra Jeans by CK Winx
Jacket: Grixdale / Grixdale - My Sunshiney Hoodie by Tyr Rosenblum
Hair: [e] / Elikatira - Hye by Elikapeka Tiramisu
Necklace: .-HoD-. / House of Darcy - To Let Go Rosary by Aydan Darcy
Tattoo: {Flowey} / Flowey - Eternal Love Tattoo by Flutter Memel
Eyeshadow: -[AddiCt]- / Addict - Aki Eyeshadow & Liner by Kianna Noel
Shoes: [e] / Elikatira - Millside Flats by Elikapeka Tiramisu


Poses: Di's Opera - Express Lines 1 & 2, Quirky Line 1

Skin: [Atomic] / Atomic - Grace - Red Ribbon in Honey by Ivy Graves (currently on sale)
Bodysuit: Gawk! / Gawk - White High Waist Suit by Mell McMahon
Boots: Bax / Bax Coen - Bax Prestige Boots by Bax Coen
Hair: *Plume / Plume - LJ Version 1 by Lulu Jameson
Bangles: [Mandala] / Mandala - Milky Way Bangels by Kikunosuke Eel
Tattoo: Buttons. / Buttons - Loading <3 Tattoo by Meila Solo


Pose: Glitterati / Glitterati - Back Up

On Madison (Right)

Skin: -tb- / Tres Blah - Bless Clean in Light by Julliette Westerburg
Top & Panties: / Friday - Lounge Set in Orchid by Darling Monday
Socks: Maitreya / Maitreya - Scrunched Prim Socks by Onyx LeShelle
Hair: [e] / Elikatira - Hye by Elikapeka Tiramisu

More follow :p