Friday, August 13, 2010

I've been a bad girl

Sounds juicy doesn't it?

There has been SO much going on in world lately, hunts and more hunts as far as the eye can see, shoe fair, people getting ready for hair fair, really people... SLOW DOWN, its hard for a simple girl like me to keep up!

Under normal circumstances i'm not a big hunt fan, I find you have to put in a heap of effort to maybe if you are lucky come across one or two things that may appeal to you but seriously, the platinum hunt is gold!  (Yeah yeah i know, platinum, gold... big difference...  just roll with me)

I've also been hard at work kinda doing a to me from me present for my Rez Day, i'm nearly 1...yippee!

Updates coming over the weekend of everything i've been up too, so if you are bored outta mind, stay tuned.


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