.about moi.

Well hey there!  If you've made it this far you can't be completely bored yet or at least that is what I'm going to tell myself.  I'm madison or maddi and this is my little corner of the web, so, welcome..feel free to make yourself at home.

I sucketh epically at writing introductions so I'm just gonna say, this is my little piece of the world where I get to have fun and play dress up on an almost daily basis.  I'm not about keeping up with the jones or having the latest and greatest, there are plenty of blogs out there already that do that far better than I ever could.  This site really is just about me and my style.  If you get some benefit out of that or like what you see, then that is all the better!

A few random tidbits about me:

I'm pretty much a dork and perfectly ok with that

I am often shy but try to always be friendly, so if you bump into me in world, feel free to say hi

I am always happy to help anyone who is prepared to help themselves, so don't hesitate to ask a question if you have one and I will do what I can