Sunday, August 15, 2010


Atomic, hands down, would be in my top 3 favourite shops of all time in SL, now that is a big call when you think about it right?  It is one of those stores, that no matter how many times I visit, I always find something new to buy and it almost always becomes my instant favourite of the week. 

With that said, for some unknown reason, I've never paid a huge amount of attention to the skins created by Ivy Graves.  I honestly have no idea why, it's a little retarded when I think about, given that I own at least one of nearly every item in her store!  Anywho, after getting the stumblebum list this morning, I trotted off to Atomic to see the 3 skins that were up as part of this weeks offerings, seriously... how the hell have I not noticed these before?   I am officially in love! 

The texture of her skins is just divine and the make up is nice and subtle, but with enough flair to keep it interesting.  They probably aren't the type of skin you are going to find a glammapuss model wearing but they are just perfect for me.  From the second I tried the demo I knew I had found my new skin! 

So here is my ode to Atomic for the day, don't be surprised to see them pop up, a lot!

If you haven't checked out Atomic recently, get your butt over there.

Yuminness by:

Skin: [ATOMIC] - From left to right - Emma (Honey - Breezy 1)/ Emma (Honey - Mulberry)/ Audri (Honey - Stumble 2)
Hair: - Joanna
Shirt: [ATOMIC] - Sheer Comfort Singlet
Jeans: [ATOMIC]- Skinny jeans
Shoes: Maitreya - Shanti
Necklace: ~SIGMA~ - Myrina Necklace
Belt: .:Hermony:. - LuckyDeath Belt


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