Friday, October 15, 2010

Plurky Blogger Challenge - I'm Not a Transvestite, But I Love His Clothes!

Just in case you've been living under a rock and haven't heard about Alysha Rennahan blogger challenge, let me fill you in briefly.  Each week Alysha posts a challenge and you have to theme a blog post around it, pretty simple huh?  This week's challenge is to dip into the opposite sex's closet.

Raiding your significant other's closet is always fun because lets face it girls, most of their stuff is too big for us which automatically screams comfort factor annnnd just to add a cherry on top, we look cute to boot!  There are two things I regularly raid from the opposite sex's closet, the first would be hoodies, I have quite the collection to the prove it ha!  The second would be sleeping shirts, I swear there is nothing more comfortable than a nice worn in shirt with your guy's smell all over it to cuddle up in, couple that with some nice snugly pj pants and sweet dreams maddi!  Given that it is raining and miserable here at the moment I opted for the later option today because, oh yes, I love his clothes!

Yumminess by:

Shirt: ::[Mr. Poet]::/ Mr Poet - Guys Off Shoulder Shirt
Bra: {Zaara}/ Zaara - Sumana Braziere
Pants: .:WoE:./ WoE - Guys Kylei Pajama Pants
Hair & Cheek Stripes: > Truth < / Truth - Aiyana
Pose: Glitterati - Barstool F


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