Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Home sweet home

There must be something in the water at the moment because everyone has the decorating bug and in my case, I'm sure my neighbours are thrilled.  You see, up until this point, I've been known as the girl who changes her house every few weeks and decorates it with nothing but a pose stand!  This all changed though upon receiving the note card from LISP that their new Beatrice furniture pack was available, just one look and I knew had to have it!  I love home furnishings that have a country-esq feel to them so after that, everything fell very easily into place and I'm kinda in love with the final result.

Warning this is a very picture heavy post...sorry.

 Home: Molto Bene! - Aden & Anna's Cabin [Winter]
Trees & Grass: *aG* - Tree of Elf, Tree of Hobbit, Feather Tree & Shiny Meadow
Stool: Olive Juice - Into the Woods Stool
Pathway: MMGraffiti's - Railroad Tie Set (Grey)

 Letterbox: ::Awesome Blossom:: - Pemberley Mailbox
Bycycle: [MDRM] - Bycycle (White)
Lights: (iTuTu) - Pop Color Illumination

Table & Chairs: Picnic - Gardening Table Set
Table Decoration: {What Next} - Fall Candelabra
Wall Hanging: LISP - Forrest Window Mirror with Wooden Bird

Wall Rack: LISP - T Rack
Bench with Pillows: LISP - Cloak Bench
Bird Cage: HPMD* - Cage with Leaf
Bird: HPMD* - Little Birds (Ice Pink)
Floor Baskets: (PA) - Weaved Basket (Light Brown)

Internal overview, see below for breakdown and credits

Lounge Set: LISP - Art Deco (Part of the new Beatrice room set <3! )
Coffee Table: Barcode - Macchi Coffee Table
Flower Arrangement: LISP - Lullaby Flower Arrangement
Bed: KOSH - Bookworm Bed
Side Table: LISP - Deco Forrest Table & Mirror (Part of new Beatrice room set)
Cat: *SHOP SEU* - 1 Prim Anim Cat
Wall Lights: (iTuTu) - Snowflake Illumination
Wall Decal: ::Awesome Blossom:: - Fairy Tale Wall Decal
Floor Flowers Arrangement: :[MudHoney]: - Lantern Plant Winter

Kitchen Counter, Sink & Oven: (iTuTu) - Woody Kitchen Set (Natural)
Refrigerator: (iTuTu) - Simple Refrigerator
Dish Rack (iTuTu) - Dish Rack with Plates
Wall Ornaments: [North West] - Pretty Plates II
Flower Pots: Kyoot Home - Small Flower Pots
Floor Mat: {Theosophy} - Whelston Beach Towel

Curtains: :[MudHoney]: - Sheer Cream Fancy Curtains
Light Beams: Nordari - Part of Mint Apartment
Floor Rug: LISP - Beatrice Round Rug
Chandelier: LISP - Acorn Chandelier (Part of the new Beatrice Set)
Basket in Fireplace: {What Next} - Ciel Log Basket
Photo Frames on Fireplace: {What Next} - Ciel Large & Small Photo Frames
Letter Blocks: ::Poetry Garden:: - HOME Decor Red
Jar of Ivy: ~La'Licious~ - Jar of Ivy
Topiary: {What Next} - Ciel Mini Round Topiary
Print on Fire Place: ::Poetry Garden:: - Letters From the Past
Floor Lamp: LISP - Woodland Nouveau Floor Lamp (Part of the new Beatrice Set)
Floor Boxes: Picnic - Antique Wood Box
Books: MMGraffiti - 4 Book Pile Up
Candles: {What Next} - Coastal Bedroom Candles
Wall Wreath: {What Next} - Fall Wreath
Trunk: ::Awesom Blossom:: - Vintage Trunk

Total Prim Count including all landscaping = 565


  1. Very very very lovely! Can I move in? ;-)

  2. Thank you :)

    And sure, the more the merrier!

  3. i snooped yesterday :-) Your home is totally adorable !!!

  4. You are most welcome anytime, especially given that you're one of the poor people that has to put up with my indecisiveness haha! Thank you for the lovely comments ladies :)