Saturday, July 9, 2011

Hair Fair Part 3

Hair from [Kik] - Kik's offerings at Hair Fair this year may be my most favourite styles from her yet,  her styles are always fun and cute and I'm loving the messy appeal!

Left to right we have Heidi, Fine and Tilda (head piece is optional)

Hair by Elikatira - What is there to say about Elika hair that hasn't already been said?  She is amazing, her styling is flawless and she takes up more space in my inventory than I care to admit! You must get this hair!

Left to right we have Story, Pretend and With

Hair by Aoharu - Machang always offers hair that is so unique.  I first stumbled across her hair at last year's Hair Fair and was thrilled to see her back again.  There is definite summery appeal to her styles this year!

Left to right we have Gemma, Megan and Daria

Hair Fair for 2011 runs through until the 15th of July, so you still have time to deprim and get your butts over there!


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