Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hair Fair Part 2

RL gobbled me up for a few days but back with a few more of my favourites from Hair Fair, because you can NEVER have too much hair!

Hair by Fashionably Dead - Every year I look forward to seeing what Toast Bard comes up with and she never disappoints!
Left to right we have Crystal's Yearbook & Lemonade

Hair by Rezlpsa Loc - I didn't actually know Rezipsa Luckstone made hair until I stumbled onto these beauties at Hair Fair.  Beautifully crafted and utterly adorable a definite must have!
Left to right we have Edith and Ellen

Hair by Raspberry Aristocrat - RA is another store I always check out at Hair Fair and this year her styles are adoooorable.  I'm also really enjoying seeing more designers come out with mixed colour hair packs!
Left to right we have Jane & Khole

Just in case you live under a rock and didn't know, Hair Fair runs through until the 15th of July and is open NOW.  So what are you waiting for, not only is your money going towards a good cause but there is awesome hair to be had!

On a personal note, this is my 100th blog post and I'm kinda thrilled.  If you had asked me 99 posts ago whether i thought i would still be doing this, i probably would have laughed at you, Queen of the Mind Changers I am after all!  But I love what I do here and I consider myself very lucky to get to do it so I wanted to say thank you - to all the amazing designers that keep colour in my SL world and make it fun and to all the wonderful people I have met through this little venture, the people I bump into in world and those who take the time to leave the occasional comment who make it all worthwhile, you rock my socks <3


  1. Nooo YOU are, but thank you!! <3

  2. Lovely Maddie, and where did you get that 80s top? love it!

  3. Thanks so much Jewel <3 Apologies for the delay, RL has had me snaffled for the last few days but the shirt is from Fruk Tees :)