Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Welcome to the master plan

We are the face of a new generation
We are the ones who have no reservation
Don't give a damn 'bout  your cold calculation
Welcome to the master plan
Don't care if you understand

I've had a long running love affair with the jewellery made by Mister Naith Smith of NSD but when I saw this jacket, I knew instantly, that this affair was about to extend to his clothing line too!  There are three new jackets available in his store now but the Gallagher would have to be my favourite.  With the option to wear the hood up or down, extra modifiable bits included so you don't have to worry about forgetting to copy them and an overall super comfy feel.... it's definitely a winner.

Yumminess by:

Shirt: *T.Whore*/ The Whore Mansion - Cardigan Dress
Pants: [Atomic]/ Atomic - Ripped Skinny Jeans
Jacket: (NSD)/ Naith Smith Designs - Gallagher Jacket
Boots: ::Kookie::/ Kookie - Armarda Long Boots
Ring: (NSD)/ Naith Smith Designs - Black Luck Ring
Necklace: -.HoD.-/ HoD - Fallen Necklace V2
Skin: [Atomic]/ Atomic - Audri Abyss
Hair: Maitreya/ Maitreya - Saar
Tattoo:  [TH]/ The Habitat - No Lies, Just Love
Nail polish - Ronsem*/ Ronsem - Pigeon Tattoo
Makeup: Kyoot/ Kyoot - Feline Makeup
Pose: (First Image) dfo!/ Don't Freak Out - Ruby  (Second Image) DW/Diesel Works - Piper 5.1, [doll.]/ doll - Chloe 09, dfo!/ Don't Freak Out - We met, we talked and it was epic
Location: Missing Mile

Lyrics from Master Plan by Adam Lambert


  1. cant find T.Whore. in search :(

  2. They also go by The Whore Mansion, which i accidentially ommitted from above sorry, but try this land mark:


    I'm pretty sure it's right :)