Sunday, November 21, 2010

52 Weeks of Colour Challenge - Blue

Yes I know, I'm late, again.  It really shouldn't come as a surprise by now :p

As half of the world prepares for snow, sleet and Santa some of us are preparing to embrace the warmth and beauty of summer.  Bon fires on the beach, more sunshine than you can sometimes stand and of course the traditional Christmas BBQ surrounded by family and friends.   As the temperature starts to rise I am finding myself more and more in the mood to sport shorts, t-shirts and sneakers in search of the summer fun that is only just around the corner. 

Yumminess by:

Shirt: JANE / Jane - Intertwine  Tee (navy)
Shorts: [PO] / Pink Outfitters - A01 Denim Shorts (dark indigo)
Shoes: Reek / Reek - Swell Sneakers (navy/gray)*past FLF item
Scarf: [Decoy] / Decoy - Mraz Scarf (navy)
Sunglasses: MIEL / Miel - Pilot Peepers (blue basil)
Bag: MIEL / Miel - Messenger Bag *past group gift
Ring & Bracelet: ::AB:: / Awesome Blossom - Braided Bangles & Thumb Ring (turquoise) *previous SBS item
Hair: [e] / Elikatira - Blind
Skin: *League* / League - Amber Pale
Nail polish: -tb- / Tres Blah - Nail Colour (periwinkle)
Poses: (First Image) aDORKable - Bag Lady 10, (Second Image) (Marukin) Constrict Peeper and Coquette Men, (With love & Squalor) Chaka Demus
Location: Kuu Ipo