Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pose Fair 2012 - It's a couple thing

The third annual Pose Fair still has a few days to run, so I thought I would show you some of the yummy couple poses available. 

(Glitterati - Wrapped)
Glitterati, in my humble opinion, makes some of the best couple and group poses available.  They nearly always fit my shape right out of the box and there are very very rarely ever limbs sticking in places they shouldn't b,e but perhaps most importantly, is Katey Coppola's ability to capture emotion through her work.  The poses above and below are both available from the Glitterati booth at Pose Fair and they are both just so adorable you really do need to have them!

(Glitterati - The Whole Day)

Pose Fair this year definitely offers a little something for everyone.  Single poses for your every day consumer, gorgeous intimate couple poses such as the two above, family poses and props but.... Pose Fair wouldn't be complete without a little adult fun!  (Please note, this blog is probably NTSFW from here down!)
(Exposeur - Outta Me, Onto You)

I have to admit, I didn't really know very much about Exposeur prior to The Festival of Sin... yes I know.. I live under a rock... but... I had such an awesome time at Festival that I couldn't help but run to Exposeur at Pose Fair to see what goodies were to be had and of course... Ruby didn't disappoint!

(Adorkable & Exposeur - Million Dollar Man)

There are a few fun collaboration pieces available at Pose Fair this year as well that a worth checking out.  This one is from Adorkable and Exposeure and I just love everything about it!

On a side note, I had to bring out my poor male alt today to shoot these photos and I just have to say, I have renewed respect for the male bloggers of our little world.  Your job is tough and so many of you do it so very well!)

Pose Fair runs until April 29th so get your butts over there.


  1. oh nice poses Madi, I love the first one. btw you have just been hit by the blogger challenge stick have fun :)

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