Friday, April 22, 2011

Tell me, did you think we'd all dream the same?

Chic Limited is back with another round of goodness for your shopping pleasure.  If i read the notecard right, I believe this is the final round of Chic Limited and if that is the case, I will be sad to see this event go, it has became a monthly staple for me.  Anyway, the theme this time around is cherry blossom and Blue Sky has released this uber cute little trailer for the event.

The lounge, the table and chairs, the floor lamp and the wall painting are all included with the trailer.  It is also decked out with some pretty funky lights in the roof that you can turn on and off.  I have them off in these photos, but if you are feeling your inner disco or just love pink you can turn them on with a click to create an entirely new ambiance.  Coming in at 161 prims (including all the furniture you get with it) this cute little trailer would fit on just about any parcel and will definitely assist you in staying within your prim limit as KittyCats overrun your land (oh wait, you mean that is only happening to me?).

Chic Limited is open now and will run through until the 30th of April.


Trailer: [-Blue Sky-] / Blue Sky - Trailer Roulotte (includes lounge, table and chairs, floor lamp and wall print) (Available from Chic Limited)

Credits for items not included with the trailer:

Skydome: ::AB:: / Awesome Blossom - Part of Bohemian Hideaway Skybox by Clementine Ishtari
Grass: %Napoliy% / Napoliy - Meadow Grass by Tetuma Kawashima
Flowers: [Organica] / Organica - Tulips in Sorbet by Aki Shichiroji
Tress: Botanical / Botanical - Various types all available from Botanical by Kriss Lehmann
Inflatable Pool: [mdrm] / mdrm - 8 Style Furniture by Nannao2 Ellils
Deer: AAA Scuplty Creations / AAA Scuplty Creations - 2010 Deer Grazing by Jon Haskell
Letterbox: ::AB:: / Awesome Blossom - The Pemberly Mailbox by Clementine Ishtari
Bench: LISP / Lisp - Spring Bench by Pandora Popstar (Spring Seasons Hunt Gift)
Flags: %Napoliy% / Napoliy - Pennant Strings by Tetuma Kawashima
Easel with print: Mortanique / Morantique - Painting Easel by Mo Miasma
Wall Mirror: The Loft / The Loft - Kerve Mirror by Colleen Desmoulins
Food Tray: LISP / Lisp - Part of the Poofs in a Box - Hoof & Tooth Set by Pandora Popstar
Side table: MudHoney / MudHoney - Telling Time End Table by Rayvn Hynes
Wall Lights: Scribble / Scribble - Star Lights by Radio Signals


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