Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I still call Australia home

I'm always travelling, I love being free
and so I keep leaving the sun and the sea
but my heart lies waiting over the foam
I still call Australia home...

I'm scrapping in with barely 30 minutes to spare but, I hope all my fellow Aussie SLers had a wonderful Australia Day!


Yumminess by:

Skin: Grixdale / Grixdale - Emery in Sugar by Tyr Rozenblum (Available at Chic)
Hair: !lamb / Lamb - Addict by Lamb Bellic
Shirt 1: *Rezlpsa Loc* / Rezlpsa Loc - Aussie <3 by Rezipsa Luckstone (Available at Extend a Helping Hand Market)
Shirt 2: Aoharu / Aoharu - Roll Up Open Shirt by Machang Pichot
Shorts: -[AddiCt]- / Addict - Nora Jean Shorts by Kianna Noel
Shoes: UBU / Urban Bomb Unit - Porn Star Lo-Tops by Coke Dreadlow
Bracelet: ::AB:: / Awesome Blossom - Braided Bangles by Clementine Ishtari
Belt: *Coco* / Coco - Wrap Skinny Belt by Cocoro Lemon
Necklace: {Mon Tissu} / Mon Tissu - Take Flight Necklace by Elie Spot
Sunglasses: Role Optic / Role Optic - Escuda by Leeza Catteneo
Flag: Flag Factory / Flag Factory - Animated Hand Held Australian Flag by Frenchy Kazan
Pose: Glitterati / Glitterati - FLF - F - 1 (previous FLF Item)

Lyrics from I Still Call Australia Home by Peter Allen

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