Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thistle Sweetpea Cottage

I've been in a bit of a perpetual bad mood for the last week or two due to a shoulder injury that just won't go away, so when I saw this too cute for words cottage up for grabs in last week's Super Bargain Saturday I knew I just HAD to have it.  It's cute, cozy, colourful and low prim, all the things I needed for an instant mood buster!

The cottage is still available in two versions, the valentines version, which I am showing here, is a mere $250L but if pink isn't rocking your world there is a texture change version in green, blue and pink or a combination of all three as well for $650L.  So jump on over to Thistle Homes and snap up this adorable little cottage for yourself.

Home: Thistle / Thistle - Sweetpea Cottage Valentine Edition by Liz Gealach
Grass: *ag* / Alirium Garden - Shiny Meadow Summer by Air Flow
Tulips: [Organica] / Organica - Tulips Sorbet by Aki Shichiroji
Butterflies: *ag* / Alirium Gardens - Alirium Butterflies (previous group gift)
Planters: (iTuTu) / Itutu - Planter 03m by Kao Sands
Bench: LISP / Lisp - TeaRose Bench by Pandora Popstar
Trees: Botanical -Several styles all by Kriss Lehmann
Decal on House: ::AB:: / Awesome Blossom - Home Begins Decal by Clementine Ishtari

Bed & Rug: Sur+ / Sur - Luxe Bed by Sienia Travellion (previous Spruce Up Your Space item)
Slippers: LISP / Lips - Slippers Pippies Decor 5 by Pandora Popstar
Chair: ::AB:: / Awesome Blossom - Oversized Knit Chair by Clementine Ishtari
Coffee Table: MudHoney / MudHoney - Telling Time End Table by Rayvn Hynes
Lanterns: LISP / Lisp - Mixed Lanterns by Pandora Popstar
Wall Decals: Thistle / Thistle - Part of Valentine Sweetpea Cottage by Liz Gealach
Wall Picture: [*Art Dummy!] / Art Dummy - Tin Heart by Gala Charron
Chandelier: The Loft / The Loft - Wrought Iron Chandelier Eggshell by Colleen Desmoulins

Kitchen: *~MMG~* / MM Graffiti - Kitchen All Set by Masomaso Quan
Kitchen Jars: Barcode / Barcode - Kitchen Jars by Makenzie Irling (Not currently available)
Fish Bowl: ::AB:: / Awesome Blossom - Antique Fishbow by Clementine Ishtari
Pot Plants: Kyoot / Kyoot - Small Blue & Pink Flower Pots by Saeya Nyanda
Refrigerator: (iTuTu) / Itutu - Simple Refrigerator by Kao Sands
Incence Bowl: LISP / Lisp - Incence Bowl by Pandora Popstar
Stick Plant: LISP / Lisp - Pokhara Stick Plant by Pandora Popstar
Petals: LISP / Lisp - Petals by Pandora Popstar
Painting: ::Pookie:: / Pookie - Hearts Living Art by Suetabulous Yootz
Table: {What's Next} / What's Next -  Provence Dining Table by Winter Thorn
Dining Chairs: (fd) / Fashionably Dead - Princess Chair by Toast Bard
Candles (table): The Loft / The Loft - Hurricane Candles by Colleen Desmoulins
Food: LISP / Lisp - Cinnamon Buns by Pandora Popstar
Side Cabinet: {What's Next} / What's Next - Provence Cabinet with light and china by Winter Thorn
Bottles with Candles: [*Art Dummy!] / Art Dummy - Seaglass Bottles with Candles by Gala Charron
Wall Decal: ~La'Licious~ / La' Licious - Live, Love, Laugh Decal by Amaliscious Destiny
Rug: LISP / Lisp - Peaches n Cream Rug by Pandora Popstar

Floor Rugs: [*Art Dummy!] / Art Dummy - Bohemian Holiday Rugs by Gala Charron
Floor Pillows: MudHoney / MudHoney -Rustic Spring Pillow Pile by Rayvn Hynes
Wine & Glasses: ::AB:: / Awesome Blossom - White Wine Set by Clementine Ishtari
Fruit Tray: ::AB:: / Awesome Blossom - Fruit Tray by Clementine Ishtari
Television: Nordari / Nordari - October Transmission by Jordan Giant
Coat Rack: {What's Next} / What's Next - Laurel Coat Rack by Winter Thorn
Bookshelf: LISP / Lisp - Woodcutter Bookshelf by Pandora Popstar
Pot Plant: Kyoot / Kyoot - Small Pink Flower Pot by Saeya Nyanda
Teapot: Kyoot / Kyoot - Teapot Candle by Saeya Nyanda
Radio: Belle Belle / Belle Belle - Love FM by Leyla Firefly
Print: Cadeling Gallery / Cadeling Gallery - Dragonfly by Ling Serenity
Cat Bed: KittyCats / KittyCats - Plush Cat Bed by Barnesworth Anubis

Total Prims 595


  1. I love your place so much!! I got this house and just didnt know what to put on it ... but the way you did looks amazing!! :D
    Can I move in ? hehehhe

  2. awwww thanks Steffy! It stumped me too for a little bit so glad to hear the final result works :) Pack your bags lovely, you are welcome any time!!

  3. this is adorable Madi, I really love it, and the way you decorated it, so cute :)

  4. Yay! Thanks for the lovely comments Jewel :)